Freddy Feuerstein's XPrience OS

XPrience OS is a Windows (currently up to Windows 8) compatible operating system based on linux. It looks and feels just like Windows XP, but it is 64 bit compatible and it runs most of the newest Windows and all of the newest linux software.
In the box below is the download link and the instructions on how to set up XPrience OS.

A big thanks to the developers of Ubuntu, Linux kernel, XFCE4 and wine for making this whole project possible in the first place.

How to install:
1: Download both files.(the Ubuntu server cd and the .zip file)
2: Burn the Ubuntu server iso to a cd. (on Windows you can do that with CDBurnerXP; on linux with Xfburn)
3: Install Ubuntu server with the default settings.
4: Extract the zip file and burn the iso, that is inside it, to a cd.
5: Insert the cd into your cd drive.
6: Boot up your PC, log in and type:
sudo mount "/dev/sr0" "/media/cdrom" && cd /media/cdrom && ./
After that, you need to press Enter.
7: The setup should now ask for your passwort. You will need to type it in and press enter.
8: Drink some tea and wait. When the setup is done, the PC will reboot and ask for your login data.
9: Now just log on and enjoy your new os.

If you got any kind of error, send it to me over

You can download Ubuntu 16.04 server (first setup part) here.
You can download the second setup part from XPrience OS here.

Minimal system requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium 2
GPU: Integrated VGA grafics (although EGA may work but its not tested)
RAM: 128MB(Only for linux) 256MB(For Windows)