Disclaimer: Installation and use of cheats is at your own risk. Any bans, demotes or other punishments are your own fault.

Version 1.2 released! New features: Real Time Chat Translation aka RTCT

The MuellerHax Client is a cheat client for Minecraft 1.12.2.

It allows players to:
· perform various tasks automatically using baritone
· Fly in survival mode
· Use the Elytra without rockets
· Have extra inventory space
· Automatically attack entities
· Speak with people from different countries
· And a sh** ton more!!!

Download it here.

Cheat Hotkeys:
Y: Cancels Baritone Tasks
X: Toggle X-Ray
C: Toggle Speedboat
V: Toggle Speed
N: Toggle Flight
M: Toggle Hunger
M: Turn on Diamondrush
-: Toggle FreeCam
Z: Toggle Impact Jesus (Instable, use MuellerHax Jesus instead)

GUI Hotkeys:
^: Impact GUI
RSHIFT: MuellerHax GUI
NUMPAD DIVIDE: Load schematic file
NUMPAD MULTIPLY: Save schematic file
NUMPAD SUBSTRACT: Align schematic file

Credits to the following projects:

· Impact:
· ForgeHax:
· WWE:
· Lunatris:
· Schematica: