About us and our game

About the game:

You have to escape the maze, avoid the monsters or freeze them.

Controlls on desktop:
Press WASD to move, and use the arrow keys or the mouse to control the camera.
You can shoot with Q or the left click button and select the weapon with 1 or 2.
You can toggle the mouse support by pressing M.
You can go into the Menu by pressing E.
For the options you need to press O.

Controlls on mobile:
You can shoot by pressing the thunderbolt button.
Press The Arrow Keys on the left to move, and use the arrow keys on the right to control the camera.
You also can jump by pressing the circle.

On slow PCs or mobiles, you have to increase the resolution slider and decrease the viewDist.

About us:

We (freddyfeuerstein, Luca95 and mayonayse) are making this game in our freetime. Because we are also learning for school, updates are not coming frequently.


If you find any kind of glitches or bugs, tell it over E-mail to [bugs@mazegame.de].